Thursday, November 29, 2012

EMU Swimmer Profile: Briana Emig

Briana Emig is a senior for the Eastern Michigan University women’s swim team.

Her position is a freestyle distance swimmer. She comes to EMU from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Emig has three siblings: an older brother who played tennis at Youngstown State University, a younger brother, and a younger sister.

Emig admitted that she did play competitively for a short time in volleyball in junior high school, but admitted that she was too short to play in the sport and knew jokingly that she would not be able to make it.

At the age of seven, Emig committed herself full-time to swimming where she always felt like she was at home.

Emig did swim in high school, but unlike other swimmers, she had to do it in the most unconventional way.

Because there was no high school swim team, Emig resorted to club swimming as a member of Team Pittsburgh Aquatiics.

On the academic side, Emig currently is double majoring in Psychology and Communications.

When asked about whether she had to take any General Education classes because of having a double major, Emig responded by saying, “Instead of having the minor, you can take three more classes and major in it, so I figured, why not.”

Currently, Emig has a 3.9 grade point average and has flourished in the classroom.

Two seasons ago, she was named an academic All-MAC and All-MAC first team.

Emig is on track to graduate in April and wants to go to graduate school to become a mental health counselor but does not know what institution she wants to go as of now.

Emig is currently filling out applications to schools across the country to see what institutions will accept her.

Her favorite athlete is swimmer and multiple-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte.

Emig said that Ryan Lochte is a great athlete, but also “very cool and attractive.”

When looking back at her time as an EMU swimmer, her greatest moments was qualifying to make the NCAA National Championship and making it to the Olympic Trials this past summer with her fellow teammates.

When Emig is not in the pool, she likes to sleep a lot because it helps her regain the necessary energy it takes to be a great swimmer.

When asked what her favorite food is, Emig said that it is anything that comes out of the Yonana Maker.

“It is a machine in which you take frozen bananas and put it into the blender.” Said Emig. “Once it is put into the machine, it turns into frozen yogurt or ice cream. Before I put the bananas into the blender, I get them from the store and then put them into the freezer until it is frozen. Once the bananas are frozen completely, then you smash them and put them into the freezer. They taste so great. I also like to freeze applesauce and put it into the blender. That is also very enjoyable to eat.”

Emig added, “That anything frozen tastes so good and I freeze everything that is edible to the Yonana Maker.”

Emig said that she likes all different kinds of music, but does not have a favorite genre or artist.

Now, Emig prefers watching movies over television, but she likes to watch whatever comes on at night while eating pomegranates with her roommate Monica.

I asked her if she puts pomegranates into the Yonana Maker and Emig responded by saying that she has yet to try that, but is considering doing that now that I suggested that to her.

When it comes to shopping, Emig’s favorite place to go is Target where she walks around and sees it as “relaxation therapy.”