Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Your Unofficial 2014 Southwest Conference Schedule

18 years ago seems like yesterday, but in reality was quite a long time ago. 

1996 saw the end of the Southwest Conference as Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Baylor joined the Big 12, while Houston went to Conference USA and TCU, Rice and SMU jumped to the Western Athletic Conference.

Arkansas left four seasons prior to join the Southeastern Conference. 

After the dust settled, its legacy still lives as the majority of the schools are currently affiliated with the SEC (Arkansas & Texas A&M) and the Big 12 (Texas, Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor).

Enough of the backstory as I present the 2014 unofficial SWC schedule.

Week 1:

SMU at Baylor (8-31)

Week 2:

No Game

Week 3:

Arkansas at Texas Tech (9-13)
Rice at Texas A&M (9-13)

Week 4:

Texas A&M at SMU (9-20)

Week 5:

TCU at SMU (9-27)
Arkansas vs Texas A&M at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas (9-27)

Week 6:

Baylor at Texas (10-4)

Week 7:

TCU at Baylor (10-11)

Week 8:

No Game

Week 9:

Texas Tech at TCU (10-25)

Week 10:

Texas at Texas Tech (11-1)

Week 11:

No Game

Week 12:

No Game

Week 13:

No Game

Week 14:

TCU at Texas (11-27)
Houston at SMU (11-28)
Texas Tech vs. Baylor at Arlington, Texas (11-29)

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