Friday, August 29, 2014

The College Football Preview That Fans Really Need for 2014

By: DaVaughn Lucas

In case you have been under a rock or dreaming of Nicki Minaj's anaconda butt (wouldn't blame you if you did), the college football season for 2014 has now kicked off and the world's biggest and longest playoff tournament is now underway around the country and on campuses all over the United States. 

For most fans, though, the name of the game isn't the fresh grass and hot college co-eds you may see running around half naked after a pregame tailgate where they can't remember their name or realize they are wasting parent's money. Nope, for most fans, its about the smell of the wood that the 70-inch HDTV sits on, the feel of the leather couch you will sit on to watch the game, the texture of the remote control that you will use to flip around from game to game. 

Most of us realize that most sports are better watched on TV anyway. You save money, you don't deal with crazy crowds, and the food is cheaper. 

With all of that said, today's post will talk about some of the things you need to have to get ready for the 2014 college football season and some tips for survival to watch 10 hours or more of college football. Get ready, do your yoga, woooosaaaaaa, and enjoy. 

1. Have great time management through the week. Make sure that you do EVERY task during the week in enough time so that when the weekend comes, if you are in a relationship, your spouse can't say anything about you needed to do something or have a life outside of your television. 

2. Sex is better at halftime or in-between games, or better yet, forget about the College Gameday pregame and just get it on and all out of your system before the noon games begin. Once the football games start and throughout the day, you are either watching ESPN, FOX, ABC, NBC or any other of the 43957297829 networks watching games, or checking on your phone every 5 minutes. Not good for the love life. 

3) Precook all of your gameday food the night before. There are usually some fun Friday games that are good for noise in the background so get all of your food set early enough so when Saturday comes around, you are all set and you really don't have to leave the home or leave the television for really any reason but the bathroom, and well......the bathroom doesn't know the 4th quarter importance. 

4) Make your partner happy before the game, halftime and between games if you aren't paying close attention to what's going on. See #2 for more of that explanation. 

5) In terms of food, hand foods are far better. Think beef nachos with jalapenos, turkey dogs, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, things that you can just quickly grab, possibly heat in the oven and keep going. 

6) Your weekend nights do not exist during football season. You are not needing to be at the club flirting, the book club or any other random thing that precludes you from watching football. Flat out. You sacrifice for 14 weeks till the end of the season. 

7) If you are married or in a relationship, before the games or on that Friday, take your partner to dinner, make dinner at home, do the types of things that will show attention and appreciation. The idea is to garner enough brownie points so that no one can stop you or have a gripe with watching games from noon until 2:00 a.m. Bank up the brownie points no matter what. They will help you later. 

8) During the week, don't complain about anything. That just makes things contentious on game day & you want to be relaxed and focused for the big games. All of your energy needs to go to yelling like a banji. 

9) Know the phone numbers to your pizza place, your Jimmy Johns, the closest Buffalo Wild Wings and or Hooters. Make it to where you can go order quickly and efficiently and not miss much. 

10) If you do go out, know where to pick up the games on your smartphone. Have the apps for ESPN, Fox Sports Radio (iHeart Radio), CBS Sports Network and other apps that may broadcast games or give constant updates. Technology helps us stay connected. Use it.