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Utah's 26-10 Win Over Michigan In Real Time

Live Game Thread:

A quick line of heavy showers hit the Ann Arbor area at 3:03 p.m. and cleared out after approximately five minutes.

Utah comes into today at 2-0, while Michigan is 2-1. Both teams have yet to play a conference game.

There are three survival flight helicopters going across the stadium as fans give them a rousing ovation.

The sun appears to be coming back out as game time approaches with the U-M marching band making its first appearance of the day.

In a homage to NHL Canadian teams, the U-M fans sang the national anthem, which was a nice moment.

Michigan will receive the ball to the start the game, while Utah will wait until the second half.

Touchback as U-M starts the opening drive on its own 25.

Gardner with a PA pass to Funchess between two defenders for a first down. 14-yd gain.

On 3rd and 5, Gardner escapes pressure as he gains 18 yards for a Michigan first down.

Devin Funchess appears to be hurt as he is on the sidelines.

Gardner picks up the first down on 4th and 1 with a QB sneak.

Michigan showing some balance on its first drive which is something we have not seen the App. State game.

A dangerous pass by Gardner on third down as three Utes defenders collapsed on Funchess at the middle of the field.

Matt Wile makes a 42-yd FG to put Michigan up 3-0 early on Utah with 9:36 left in the first quarter.

Short kick by Wile as Utah starts at its own 31.

Michigan's defense holds serve as Utah goes three and out on its first possession.

Lloyd Carr and the 1999 U-M Football team is being cheered on the west end zone.

Utah NT Clint Shepard is being helped to the sidelines.

Gardner left Funchess open in the middle for another big shot.

Funchess responds on the next play with an 19-yard reception.

As Gardner gets drilled, he finds Funchess across the middle for 23 yards.

Michigan needs to balance the passing attack a little bit more so that the Utes defense doesn't start keying on Funchess.

Gardner with pressure throws an incomplete off-balance pass on second down.

Interesting call as Gardner hands it off to Justice Hayes on 3rd and long in Utah territory.

Michigan special teams comes up big as Utah starts the next drive on its own 3.

Travis Wilson's pass complete to Kenneth Scott for a five-yd gain.

Michigan brought the house and paid for it big time as Bubba Poole goes for a  huge gain.

On 3rd and 14, Travis Wilson overthrows Dres Anderson as they are forced to kick.

Andy Phillips' 35-yd FG is good as the game is tied at 3 with 1:03 left in the first quarter.

Michigan starts on its own 25 and loses three years on Freddy Canteen's reverse run.

Gardner unable to find any open receivers as he is sacked for a loss of two yards. Utah 3, Mich 3 at the end of the first qtr. 

Gardner under throws Funchess as it is incomplete and Michigan goes three and out.

Poor special teams tackling by U-M as Kaelin Clay scores on the punt return and does his best Desmond Howard imitation with the Heisman pose.

XP is good as Utah leads Michigan 10-3 with 14:39 left in the second.

U-M's Derrick Green responds with a 20-yd gain on first down.

Green with another solid run as he gains seven yards for a first down.

Gardner's pass batted down by Hunter Dimick as Mich is forced to punt.

Time Of Possession: Mich (13:07) Utah (4:57). Utah has been able to score off of U-M's all-out blitz earlier and the punt return.

Wilson up-ended by Jake Ryan on third down as he is still down on the sideline.

The second hit from Joe Bolden did the most damage to Wilson as he is up but appears to be bleeding. 

For those not familiar with Travis Wilson's injury history, he almost retired last season as he suffered a concussion against ASU.

Out Of Whack StAt: Utah has -3 rushing yards and is up 10-3 on Mich with 9:26 left in the half. 

Kendal Thompson is now in for Wilson as he goes into the locker room.

Michigan's offense has not been able to get into a rhythm since its opening drive.

Gardner finds Funchess for a 25-yd gain for a U-M first down.

Willie Henry comes up with the INT and takes it back for a TD.
And now Sandstorm is playing. The only problem is that this isn't South Carolina.
Wild snap as Thompson regains his composure and goes for 12 yards and a first down.
Once more, Michigan's defenders were caught off guard on that run as Hoke calls timeout.
Bubba Poole dropped what appeared to be a Utah TD.
Frank Clark with a swallowing sack on Kendal Thompson as Utah is forced to kick on fourth down.

Phillips' 38-yd attempt goes right down State Street as Utah goes into the half with a 13-10 lead on Michigan.

QB Comparison- Gardner (MICH) 8-17 for 100 yards and an INT. Wilson (UTAH) 7-9 for 92 yards.
First half stats: Rushing- Utah 3, Michigan 73 Passing- Utah 125, Michigan 100
Heavy storms moving NE towards Ann Arbor. We might be looking at a delay in the not too distant future.

Wilson finds a wide open Dres Anderson as a U-M defender was at least 10 yards away as he easily went in for 28-yd TD reception.

It looks like the nasty hit Wilson took in the first half brought the best out of him to start the second half.

Gardner keeps the ball and gains eight yards for a U-M first down.

Gardner's pass incomplete as Michigan is forced to punt and couple of boos can be heard from the crowd.

Gardner keeps it on playaction as he is short of the first down as Utah takes over on downs.

Devin Gardner has taken one heck of a beating today. You wonder if he can last the whole season if this keeps up.

Utah 20, Michigan 10 End of 3rd.

You can start to sense some restlessness amongst the Michigan Stadium crowd.

The rain is starting to pick up at Michigan Stadium, but no threat of storms on the horizon.
Wilson appeared to have rushed that pass as Utah is forced to try a FG.

Phillips' 48-yd FG is up and good. 3-3 on the day as Utah leads 23-10 with 14:20 left.

Devin Gardner literally just threw the ball to Utah's Gianni Paul for an INT.

Shane Morris is seen warming up on the sidelines for Michigan. 

Utah/Michigan is now in a weather delay as the stadium has been emptied.

It's pouring, it's pouring. That's the latest:)

It's an unreal scene here as it literally sounds like a Utah home game. The game will restart in a few minutes.

Here we go as both bands are on the back and this is Under The Lights come early.

Morris running carelessly with the ball as he fumbles and Utah recovers.
Time has run out in Ann Arbor as Utah knocks off Michigan 26-10. The Utes remain undefeated at 3-0, while the Wolverines fall to 2-2.

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