Monday, November 30, 2015

Projecting the New Year's Six for Nov. 30

There are plenty of changes to this week’s New Year’s Six, so here are the latest bowl projections using our mock committee's Top 25.

Orange Bowl:

(4) Oklahoma vs (1) Clemson

Cotton Bowl:

(3) Iowa vs (2) Alabama

Peach Bowl:

(6) Ohio State vs (17) Houston

Fiesta Bowl:

(8) North Carolina vs (10) Notre Dame

Rose Bowl:

(5) Michigan State vs (7) Stanford

Sugar Bowl:

(11) TCU vs (15) Florida 

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Mock College Football Playoff Top 25 for Nov. 30

                                           Photo Credit: Geno Green

Welcome to the penultimate edition of the mock College Football Playoff Top 25.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and without any more waiting, here are this week's rankings.

         Team:                    Total Points:     Last Week:

(1)  Clemson                            224                1

(2)  Alabama                            214               2

(3)   Iowa                                 202                3

(4)  Oklahoma                         200                6 (+2)

(5) Michigan State                  194                5

(6) Ohio State                         176                8  (+2)

(7) Stanford                            165               13 (+6)

(8) North Carolina                  164               12 (+4)

(9) Florida State                      154              14 (+5)

(10) Notre Dame                    144                4  (-6)

(11) TCU                                133              17 (+6)

(12) Baylor                             121               7   (-5)

(13) Oklahoma State              120              10  (-3)

(14) Northwestern                  105              15 (+1)

(15) Florida                              90                9  (-6)

        Oregon                             90               18 (+3)

(17) Houston                                         83               19 (+2)

(18)  Ole Miss                          80              20 (+2)

(19) Michigan                          67              11 (-8)

(20)  Utah                                 45              NR

(21) Navy                                               40                     16 (-5)

(22) Temple                                             38              25 (-3)

(23) LSU                                                   34              NR

(24) USC                                                   23              NR

(25) Wisconsin                                     13               NR

Others receiving votes: 

Georgia 11, Western Kentucky 2, Toledo  2, BYU 1 

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer press conference at Michigan

After defeating Michigan 42-13, Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer addressed the media.

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Ohio State's run game comes back to relevance at Michigan

                                  Photo Credit: Geno Green

Responding to adversity is a natural part of human life and for the Ohio State Buckeyes, their test came at Michigan in the 112th edition of "The Game".

After being held to 86 rushing yards on 29 carries in a 17-14 loss on Nov. 21 against Michigan State, Ohio State (11-1, 7-1 Big Ten East) responded with a vengeance against rival Michigan (9-3, 6-2 Big Ten East) on Saturday, 42-13 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The Buckeyes outgained the Wolverines 369-57 on the ground and 
running back Ezekiel Elliott led the way with 214 yards on 30 carries for two touchdowns and passed Eddie George for second all-time in rushing yards.

Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer poked fun about Elliott passing George.

"Eddie, who's Eddie?" Meyer said in a sarcastic manner. "In all seriousness, Zeke is one of the greatest players I have ever been around."

"It is a dream come true for me, especially with the offensive line being so good in my time here and if you look back at Coach Meyer's history, that's four straight games [against Michigan] we have dominated," Elliott said.

In the week leading up to Michigan, Elliott was the center of media attention in Columbus, Ohio after being frustrated about not getting more carries in the home loss against MSU.

Elliott dressed the issue after Saturday's win and showed remorse for making the statement.

"It was tough on me and the backlash from everything I said [last] Saturday because it was hard on me personally," Elliott said. "There were people questioning my integrity and love for the university. That's not the person I am. I am not selfish, I am selfless."

Quarterback J.T. Barrett made an impact on the ground with 141 yards on 19 carries and two TDs, while going 9-of-15 through the air for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Barrett acknowledged the adjustment of Ohio State offensive coordinator Ed Warriner's move to the press box to call plays.

"We played faster because we knew we were going to get their base look and the [Michigan defense] eventually got tired," Barrett said. "The d-line was not rushing as hard when we dropped back to pass and me and Zeke saw the creases and took advantage."

The red zone morphed into the save haven for the Buckeyes as all five of their touchdowns on the ground came within that territory.

Ohio State finished 5-for-6 in red zone opportunities, with the failed attempt being a turnover on downs on 4th and goal from the Michigan 3-yard line.

Meyer did not take for granted the red zone success and realized the significance of everything with the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.

"I think one of the reasons why we executed was the respect we had for our opponent," Meyer said. "[Michigan] is an outstanding football team and to do that makes it even extra special."

Winning can be the ultimate cure not only in life, but in football and for Ohio State, things are a tad bit better on this Thanksgiving weekend.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Geno Green Podcast- Sean Baligian and Angelique Chengelis

On this edition of The Geno Green Podcast, Sean Baligian and Angelique Chengelis from the Detroit News come on to preview the final weekend in the Big Ten regular season.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Like it or not, the Big Ten is the new SEC

                                    Photo Credit: Geno Green

Orange Is The New Black.

For fans and other people who are familiar with the Netflix show can apply the analogy to the Big Ten morphing into the new Southeastern Conference. 

For the first time since the 2006 1 vs. 2 meeting, No. 8 Ohio State (10-1 overall, 6-1 Big Ten East) and No. 10 Michigan (9-2, 6-1 Big Ten East) will meet as top 10 opponents Saturday at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI. 

The Buckeyes and Wolverines come into the final weekend of conference play as two of four Big Ten teams ranked in the College Football Playoff top 10.

No. 4 Iowa (11-0, 7-0 Big Ten West) and No. 5 Michigan State (10-1, 6-1 Big Ten East) lay claim to the other spots and are in prime position to make the semifinals of the playoff on New Year's Eve if they can win out.

Both will likely not make the four-team field given the likelihood one would have to beat the other in the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis on Dec. 5, if that matchup comes to fruition.

Regardless of the outcome in the last two weeks, it is almost a forgone conclusion that the Big Ten will have three teams in the New Year's Six once the selections are released on Dec. 6.

The fact that Ohio State and Michigan are not only playing for second place in the Big Ten East division, but for an open spot in the Rose, Peach or Fiesta Bowls says something about the overall depth of the Big Ten, which feels like a scene from Freaky Friday— switching places with the Southeastern Conference.

Yes, the almighty SEC, which for the last decade has held the unofficial title of the best conference in the Football Bowl Subdivision has been watered down to being another league, kind of like the Big Ten before this season.

Sure, No. 2 Alabama has looked like Alabama again sans the early-season loss against Ole Miss, but the quality of good teams begins to drop from that point forward.

No. 12 Florida (10-1, 7-1 SEC East) from a ranking standpoint is considered to be the next best team, but has yet to play the role of a premiere conference team this season.

Sure, the suspension of Will Grier (Performance Enhancing Drugs) for the season did not help matters, but the Gators have looked subpar in their last three wins (vs. Vanderbilt, W 9-7, at South Carolina, W 24-14 and vs Florida Atlantic, 20-14 in overtime).

Even if Florida can win its last two games against in-state rival Florida State and in the SEC Championship game (Alabama or Ole Miss), the committee could have a hard time buying them as a Final Four team in the playoff due to its ugly play for the majority of November.

No. 18 Ole Miss (8-3, 5-2 SEC West) and No. 21 Mississippi State (8-3, 4-3 SEC West) are the third and fourth best teams in the conference based off of rankings, but have played up and down all season and are nowhere near a New Year's Six bowl game.

Sure, you can make the argument about all seven teams in the SEC West being bowl eligible, but keep in mind that at least five of the seven schools will head into the bowl season with less than 10 wins.

Flip the script back over to the Big Ten East, where Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State all have a chance to be at 10 wins each before bowl season depending on how Saturday's games shake out.

Combine the East with the West, where Iowa could go into the conference championship at 12-0 and Northwestern capping off its first 10-win season before bowl action since winning the 1995 Big Ten Championship, if it can knock off Illinois at Soldier Field on Saturday.

Sure, the SEC could end up with as many as 12 teams in bowl games compared to the Big Ten's 11, but the arguments are going to come up in the coming weeks about who the top conference could be.

The bottom lime is simple, the Big Ten's fingerprints on the major bowl games will be felt across the country this New Year's Eve and Day.

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The Geno Green Podcast- Bill Bender

On this edition of The Geno Green Podcast, we continue Ohio State/Michigan week by previewing of Saturday's game with Bill Bender from The Sporting News.

We go into topics such as the implications for the New Year's Six games and the meaning of the rivalry game. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tale of the Tape: No. 8 Ohio State at No. 10 Michigan

On this edition of Tale of the Tape, I break down the awesome traits that makes Ohio State and Michigan unique and different from each other.

        Ohio State                                                       Michigan


            Big Ten                                    Conference Affiliation:                                Big Ten

                 8                            College Football Playoff Current Ranking:               10

2015 CFP National Championship Game    Last Bowl Win:                            2012 Sugar Bowl

            8 (2014)                                    National Championships:                       11 (Last: 1997)

        37 (Last: 2014)                         Conference Championships:                     42 (Last: 2004)

  7 (Last: Troy Smith- 2006)               Heisman Trophy Winners:              3  (Tom Harmon: 1941,                                                              
                                                                                                                     Desmond Howard: 1991 and
                                                                                                                     Charles Woodson: 1997)

Eddie George, Jesse Owens,                      Notable Alumni:                 Gerald R. Ford, Rich Eisen,    
Jack Nicklaus and Robert Smith                                                      Desmond Howard, Selma Blair and
                                                                                                                           David Alan Grier

       Brutus Buckeye                                         Mascot:                                               None

          58,322                                          Current Enrollment:                                   43,625

           53-11                                    Win-Loss Record This Decade:                         47-28

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Projecting the New Year's Six for Nov. 23

There are plenty of changes to this week’s New Year’s Six, so here are the latest bowl projections using our mock committee's Top 25.

Orange Bowl:

(4) Notre Dame vs (1) Clemson

Cotton Bowl:

(3) Iowa vs (2) Alabama

Peach Bowl:

(7) Baylor vs (16) Navy

Fiesta Bowl:

(8) Ohio State vs (10) Oklahoma State

Rose Bowl:

(5) Michigan State vs (13) Stanford

Sugar Bowl:

(6) Oklahoma vs (9) Florida

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The Geno Green Podcast- Jon Falk

Ohio State/Michigan week is here and on this episode of The Geno Green Podcast, I sat down to talk with former Michigan equipment manager Jon Falk and discussed his greatest memories of being on the sidelines for "The Game". 

We delve into players like Terry Glenn, Remy Hamilton and Jim Harbaugh, when he played quarterback at Michigan.

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Mock College Football Playoff Top 25 for Nov. 23

                                                      Photo Credit: Geno Green

Thanks to my mock selection committee for coming through and making the third edition of the rankings possible.

Here are the third of five rankings unveiled and expect a lot of changes from last week.

       Team:                Total Points:             Last Week:

1) Clemson (8)                        224                          1

2) Alabama (1)                        212                          3 (+1)

3) Iowa                                    199                          6 (+3)

4) Notre Dame                        184                          4

5) Michigan State                    183                        10 (+5)

6) Oklahoma                           172                          7  (+1)

7) Baylor                                 167                          9 (+2)

8) Ohio State                           162                          2 (-6)

9) Florida                                 152                         8 (-1)

10) Oklahoma State                 140                         5 (-5)

11) Michigan                            136                        11

12) North Carolina                   128                        12

13) Stanford                             108                         15 (+2)

14) Florida State                      106                         16 (+2)

15) Northwestern                     104                         20 (+5)

16) Navy                                  102                         19 (+3)

17) TCU                                    80                          13 (-4)

18) Oregon                                67                          24 (+6)

19) Houston                              54                          19 (-6)

20) Ole Miss                             48                          23 (+3)

21) Washington State                43                          25 (+4)

22) Mississippi State                 29                         NR

23) Toledo                                 26                         NR

24) UCLA                                 25                         NR

25) Temple                                20                         NR

Others receiving votes:

Utah 12, LSU 12, Georgia 9, Wisconsin 3, Memphis 3, USC 2

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