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Geno's all-time Top Five College Football television themes

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One of the more underrated aspects of college football over the years has been the theme songs from various networks and how it can shape a viewer's feel of a game.

I decided to do a countdown of the top five college football themes of all-time and hope everyone enjoys.

5) ESPN College Football Theme (1994-2000)

With expansion in terms of coverage and the number of games in the 1990's on ESPN, this theme is generally associated.

Hearing the dolcid tones of Ron Franklin every Saturday night at 7:45 p.m. was must watch viewing and served as the precursor to ABC's Saturday Night Football.

4) ABC College Football Theme (1999-2006)

This bombastic theme can be associated with moments such as Michigan State's walk-off win against Michigan in 2001 and the Texas/Ohio State classic in 2005.

Before the name change to ESPN on ABC in 2006, this was the last college football theme to be associated with the ABC Sports brand.

3) Notre Dame Football on NBC Theme (1993-2005)

Back in the days, when the majority of Notre Dame's home games started at 2:30 p.m. ET and the theme music went hand and hand on NBC.

Most fans associate this theme with big games such as 1 vs 2 in 1993 between Florida State/Notre Dame and the Bush Push game between USC/Notre Dame in 2005.

2) BCS/Saturday Night Football on ABC Theme (1999-2012)

When you think of the Bowl Championship Series on television, this classic theme comes to mind.

Initially used for BCS games from 1999-2004, this nostalgic theme began to make its way on Saturday afternoon telecasts on ABC in 2005, then re-appeared during ESPN/ABC's 2006 bowl coverage before becoming the Saturday Night Football theme from 2007-12.

1) College Football on CBS Theme (1987-Present)

Most fans might assume this song first appeared on a college football telecast, but instead, the up-tempo theme made its debut during Super Bowl XXI on CBS in 1987.

The theme song moved over to college football telecasts later that season and has been in place ever since.

Moments such as the peak of the Catholics vs Convicts series from 1987-1990 and the Kick Six game in 2013 have aired in this time period.

Hard to believe this theme song will enter its 30th season in September as UCLA and Texas A&M meet to kick off CBS's slate of SEC/College Football games.

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