Friday, October 20, 2017

Pick Six- Week 8 CFB Slate

                                       Photo Credit: David Donoher- The Blueprint Michigan

Welcome to Week 8 of Pick Six.

Bailgian closed the gap on Larimore by a game last week with a solid 5-1 effort, while Larimore and Lucas finished 4-2.


Larimore    32-16     -

Baligian     30-18     2

Lucas        29-19    3

Week 8 picks:                                   Larimore           Baligian          Lucas

Louisville at Florida State                    Louisville          Florida St.         Florida St.

Central Florida at Navy                    Central Florida   Central Florida   Central Florida

Kentucky at Mississippi State               Kentucky        Mississippi St.    Mississippi St.

USC at Notre Dame                          Notre Dame          USC                 USC

Michigan at Penn State                       Penn State       Penn State         Michigan

Wild Card:

Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan    E. Michigan     W. Michigan      W. Michigan

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