Friday, December 1, 2017

Pick Six- Dirty Dozen Edition


                                           Photo Credit: David Alkinson- Stanford Athletics

Another season of Pick Six has hit its last journey for the 2017 season. This season has produced a ton of parity as it will come down to the annual Dirty Dozen edition of the picks.


Larimore 53-31 (4-2 Last Week)   -

Baligian 52-32 (4-2 Last Week)  1 GB

Lucas 49-35 (2-4 Last Week)     4 GB

Dirty Dozen picks:                                    Larimore         Baligian               Lucas

Stanford vs USC                                         USC                  USC                    USC

Memphis at Central Florida                  C. Florida        C. Florida           C. Florida

Akron vs Toledo                                      Toledo               Toledo                  Akron

TCU vs Oklahoma                                Oklahoma          Oklahoma           Oklahoma

UMass at Florida International             Fla. Intl.           Fla. Intl.               Fla. Intl.

North Texas vs Florida Atlantic             Fla. Atl.            Fla. Atl.               Fla. Atl.

Louisiana at Appalachian State              Louisiana    Appalachian St.   Appalachian St.

South Alabama at New Mexico State     N. Mexico St.   N. Mexico St.      S. Alabama

Georgia vs Auburn                                     Auburn          Auburn                 Auburn

Fresno State at Boise State                       Boise St.         Boise St.               Boise St.

Ohio State vs Wisconsin                             Wisconsin      Ohio St.               Wisconsin

Miami (FL) vs Clemson                              Clemson        Clemson            Miami (FL)