Saturday, May 12, 2018

Your 2018 ACC football schedule

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brevard- USA TODAY Sports

While the first Saturday in September seems like an eternity, the college football world can start making travel and ticket plans in advance as College Sports Overload presents the ACC 2018 football schedule.

NOTE: Dates could be changed by the ACC as the offseason progresses.

Week 1- Aug. 30 (Thursday)


Wake Forest at Tulane

Sept. 1

Massachusetts at Boston College
Furman at Clemson 
Army West Point at Duke 
Alcorn State at Georgia Tech 
Louisville vs. Alabama (Orlando)
North Carolina at California 
James Madison at N.C. State 
Albany at Pittsburgh
Syracuse at Western Michigan
Richmond at Virginia
Sept. 2 (Sunday)
Miami vs. LSU (Arlington)
Sept. 3 (Monday)
Virginia Tech at Florida State
Week 2- Sept. 8 
Holy Cross at Boston College
Clemson at Texas A&M 
Duke at Northwestern 
Samford at Florida State 
Georgia Tech at South Florida 
Indiana State at Louisville 
Savannah State at Miami 
North Carolina at East Carolina 
Georgia State at N.C. State
Penn State at Pittsburgh 
Wagner at Syracuse 
Virginia at Indiana 
William & Mary at Virginia Tech 
Towson at Wake Forest
Week 3- Sept. 15 
Georgia Southern at Clemson 
Duke at Baylor 
Florida State at Syracuse 
Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh
Western Kentucky at Louisville 
Miami at Toledo 
UCF at North Carolina 
West Virginia at N.C. State 
Ohio at Virginia 
East Carolina at Virginia Tech
Week 4- Sept. 22 

Boston College at Purdue 
Clemson at Georgia Tech 
N.C. Central at Duke
Northern Illinois at Florida State
Louisville at Virginia 
FIU at Miami
Pittsburgh at North Carolina 
N.C. State at Marshall 
UConn at Syracuse 
Virginia Tech at Old Dominion 
Notre Dame at Wake Forest
Week 5- Sept. 27 (Thursday)
North Carolina at Miami 
Sept. 29 
Temple at Boston College 
Syracuse at Clemson 
Virginia Tech at Duke
Florida State at Louisville 
Bowling Green at Georgia Tech 
Virginia at N.C. State 
Pittsburgh at Central Florida
Rice at Wake Forest
Week 6- Oct. 5 (Friday)
Georgia Tech at Louisville 
Oct. 6 
Boston College at N.C. State 
Clemson at Wake Forest 
Florida State at Miami 
Syracuse at Pittsburgh
Notre Dame at Virginia Tech

Week 7- Oct. 13 
Louisville at Boston College 
Duke at Georgia Tech 
Miami at Virginia 
Virginia Tech at North Carolina 
Pittsburgh at Notre Dame
Week 8- Oct. 20 
N.C. State at Clemson 
Virginia at Duke 
Wake Forest at Florida State 
North Carolina at Syracuse
Week 9- Oct. 25 (Thursday)
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech 
Oct. 26 (Friday)
Miami at Boston College 
Oct. 27
Clemson at Florida State 
Duke at Pittsburgh
Wake Forest at Louisville 
North Carolina at Virginia 
N.C. State at Syracuse
Week 10- Nov. 2 (Friday)
Pittsburgh at Virginia 
Nov. 3 
Boston College at Virginia Tech 
Louisville at Clemson 
Duke at Miami
Florida State at N.C. State 
Georgia Tech at North Carolina 
Syracuse at Wake Forest
Week 11- Nov. 8 (Thursday)
Wake Forest at N.C. State 
Nov. 9 (Friday)
Louisville at Syracuse 
Nov. 10 
Clemson at Boston College 
North Carolina at Duke 
Florida State at Notre Dame
Miami at Georgia Tech 
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh 
Liberty at Virginia
Week 12- Nov. 17 
Boston College at Florida State 
Duke at Clemson 
Virginia at Georgia Tech 
N.C. State at Louisville 
Miami at Virginia Tech 
Western Carolina at North Carolina 
Pittsburgh at Wake Forest 
Syracuse vs. Notre Dame (The Bronx, N.Y.)
Week 13- Nov. 23 (Friday)
Virginia at Virginia Tech 
Nov. 24 
Syracuse at Boston College 
South Carolina at Clemson 
Wake Forest at Duke 
Florida at Florida State 
Georgia Tech at Georgia 
Kentucky at Louisville 
Pittsburgh at Miami 
N.C. State at North Carolina
Week 14- Dec. 1 
ACC Championship Game (Charlotte)