Friday, December 13, 2019

CSO Q and A- Michigan center Jon Teske

Photo Credit: Leon Halip- Getty Images

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Welcome to another edition of CSO’s Q & A as I sit down with college coaches and players across college sports for in-depth questions sprinkled with a little bit of fun. The latest edition focuses on Michigan center Jon Teske.

Green: Going from being a bench player as a freshman to being one of the focal points as a senior, how it is to go from one end of the spectrum to another?

Teske: It has taken time and patience. There were a couple of guys ahead of me in the rotation when I came in. I would help in any way I could as a freshman on the scout team, but the transition in the later years has been working hard every day, especially when no one is watching you. 

Green: You are one of only two current Michigan players who can say they have played with Mo and Franz Wagner. From what you have seen so far, how is Franz’s game similar or different from Mo?

Teske: Some of the things they do are very similar. The way Franz dunks it is reminiscent of Mo and the way they react to certain things are very canny. Franz will be a good one and playing professionally overseas in Germany gave him maturity beyond his years, which will give him a step up on the competition.

Green: Being around former coach John Beilein for three seasons and having current coach Juwan Howard for your senior season, what are some of things Howard has done from a system standpoint that is different from what Beilein did?

Teske: Some of the concepts with Howard are different and it has taken some time for us to get used to. It has taken us a little more time than expected to grasp the style on both sides of the ball. It has been a lot of teaching from Howard than simply going out and running plays. He has been more than willing to sit down with individual players if they need additional breakdowns.

Green: You have been to the national championship game and part of a Big Ten tournament title, is there a moment that has stood out for you personally?

Teske: The Purdue game at Madison Square Garden in the 2018 Big Ten tournament and being able to make the NCAA tournament each year have been the things that have stood out for me. It is something that I will always cherish as I look to add on this year.

Green: What was it like to step out at Madison Square Garden against Purdue with an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament at stake?

Teske: To be honest, I didn’t really grasp in what was going on that night. I didn’t remember much, but I knew it was our fourth game in as many days. Foul trouble hit us early in the game with Mo Wagner and I came in off the bench to contribute and the rest was history.

Green: Ann Arbor is arguably one of the best college cities in the country and has plenty of good campus spots for food. Do you have a go-to spot when you are hungry?

Teske: My roommate and I always go to Chipotle if we are in a pinch, but if I have time, I love Pizza House. They have good food there and Potbelly is another one to go to if I am short on time and I know those choices are very basic.

Green: Is there a specific song you love to listen to when you are working out in the gym?

Teske: There is not a specific song I go to, so I listen to whatever is on my playlist.

Green: When you are not focusing on basketball or in school, is there a favorite show to watch when you have down time?

Teske: I love to sleep. Whenever that free time comes, I love to do that to recharge. If it is not sleep, then I love watching college football and the NFL with my roommates. If I had to pick between the two, then rest would be the priority.