Monday, December 3, 2012

EMU Swimming Profile: Jacob Hanson

Jacob Hanson is a senior for the Eastern Michigan University men’s swim and dive team.

Hanson’s positions are the Backstroke and Individual Medley.

He was born in Bloomington, Ill. to a very large family that includes three siblings: an older sister, a twin sister, and a younger brother.

His older sister swam at the University of Michigan, while his twin sister is a dancer at Illinois State University, and his younger brother plays soccer at Parkland College in Champaign, Ill.

On the academic side, Hanson is currently majoring in Industrial Distribution and is on track to graduate by Fall 2013.

After graduation, Hanson said, “I want to keep swimming, but we will see if that works out.”

Just in case swimming does not work out, Hanson’s back-up plan is to go back home and work for Nike in Chicago.

“I want to work in athletics because I feel very passionate about it,” said Hanson.

When it comes to picking a favorite subject, Hanson quickly responded by saying that he loves Physical Education.

Before coming to EMU, Hanson played a second sport at Normal Community High School playing soccer.

While playing soccer, Hanson began to dominate in the deep and shallow pools.

While at Normal Community, Hanson was named All-State in the 100 Backstroke and All-American in the 100 Backstroke and the 100 fly in his senior year.

After realizing that he was a great swimmer in high school and when EMU came knocking at the door, Hanson gave up the sport of soccer and focused full-time on swimming.

Swimming has always been in Hanson’s blood ever since he could remember anything he has done in his life.

If Hanson could guess what age he started to swim he said, “I think since I was age seven or eight.”

Generally most swimmers would say that Michael Phelps is their favorite swimmer, but Hanson went another direction by saying, “By far Aaron Peirsol, who is now retired.”

Since being at EMU as a swimmer, Hanson’s favorite moment was becoming a mid-major All-American first-team and he said that he was very happy about that.

This past summer, Hanson went to the swimming Olympic trials in Omaha, Neb. where he got to swim in the same pool with Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Peter Vandeerkaay, Jason Lezak, and Brendan Hansen.

When not in the classroom or competing in the pool, Hanson likes to play video games and play guitar.

Hanson’s favorite foods are ribs and steak. When asked why those two foods are his favorite, he said, “I just like a big ol’ steak and some ribs.”

When it comes to a favorite genre of music, Hanson likes heavy metal music. Also, he likes to listen to rap and top 40 music on the radio.

Hanson had to think long and hard about his favorite artist and said, “If I would go on my IPod right now, I would pick Dallas Green because I like him a lot as an artist.”

His favorite show to watch on television is the HBO show, Game of Thrones.

He did say that, “Coach [Linn] knows the author of Game of Thrones and he told me that while traveling to the Olympic Trials.”

The person that has helped Hanson become the individual that he is today is his father.

“My dad was a collegiate athlete. He works really hard by providing for our family and gave me an opportunity to go to college. Kind of cheesy, but hey I am proud to say that he is my dad,” said Hanson.

Hanson also added that his father was a multi-sport star playing baseball, football and basketball in college.