Thursday, July 10, 2014

COMMENTARY: A New Gray Surface Can Not Ease EMU Football Of Its Attendance & Performance Issues

With a record of 12-48 and less than 15,000 in average attendance over the last five seasons, the pressure is on more than ever for Eastern Michigan football to deliver in “The Factory”.
When it was announced by Athletic Director Heather Lyke in mid-June that the turf for EMU would be replaced from green to gray, I thought I was reading a copy of a sketch from “The Chappelle Show”.
Once more in typical EMU Athletics fashion, they are believing that bringing in a gray football playing surface will somehow make fans forget about a squad which has not been to a bowl game since the 1987 season.
Also, you can throw in the fact that they have never defeated a school from one of the five power conferences that make up the new College Football Playoff system.
In a social media driven society, you can’t fool anyone when it comes to glorified publicity stunts like The Factory.
EMU will continue to be judged by its on-field performance, not if an extra ten fans decide to show up just to take a Facebook photo album of The Factory.
If EMU football continues to lose by four touchdowns every week in the Chris Creighton era, the gray field will be the least of its problems.
Fans and students will begin to question once more if Eastern should either go down one division to the Football Championship Subdivision or drop it altogether.
The Factory is another way for the athletic department to make the media and fans forget about the real-life problem— the irrelevance of the football program for the last 27 years.
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