Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Geno's Top Ten- Week 2

Here is my Weekly Top Ten with a lot of shake-ups:
1. Florida State                                    2
Last Week: W vs. Oklahoma State (37-31)
This Week: vs. The Citadel
2. Alabama                                          3
Last Week: W vs. West Virginia (33-23)
This Week: vs. Florida Atlantic
3. Georgia                                         NR
Last Week: W vs. Clemson (45-21)
This Week: Bye
4. LSU                                              NR
Last Week: W vs. Wisconsin (28-24)
This Week: vs. Sam Houston State
5. Texas A&M                                  NR
Last Week: W at South Carolina (52-28)
This Week: vs. Lamar
6. Michigan State                                  1
Last Week: W vs. Jacksonville State (45-7)
This Week: at Oregon
7. USC                                              NR
Last Week: W vs. Fresno State (52-13)
This Week: at Stanford
8. Oklahoma                                         7
Last Week: W vs. Louisiana Tech (48-16)
This Week: at Tulsa
9. Stanford                                            9
Last Week: W vs. UC Dais (45-0)
This Week: vs. USC
10. Oregon                                            8
Last Week: W vs. South Dakota (62-13)
This Week: vs. Michigan State
Dropped Out: 
Ohio State, UCLA, Baylor and UCF.
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