Friday, November 11, 2016

Pick Six: Week 11 CFB Slate

                               Photo Credit: Geno Green

Welcome to another edition of Pick Six as CSO contributor DaVaughn Lucas, Sports Talk 313's Ryan Larimore and WJR 760 Detroit's Sean Baligian pick five of the top college football games of the weekend, with a sixth game as the wild card.

Baligian and Larimore went 5-1 and Lucas brought up the rear at 4-2 last week.

Here are the season standings as we head into Saturday's games:


Bailgian     45-15        -
Larimore   34-26        11
Lucas        32-28        13

Week 11 Games:

                                                          Baligian             Lucas               Larimore

Tulsa at Navy                                            Tulsa                   Tulsa                     Navy

Stanford at Oregon                                 Stanford              Stanford                Stanford

LSU at Arkansas                                       LSU                     LSU                       LSU

South Florida at Memphis                      Memphis             Memphis              South Florida

Minnesota at Nebraska                         Nebraska             Nebraska               Nebraska

Wild Card Game:

Iowa State at Kansas                            Iowa State           Iowa State               Kansas

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