Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CSO Q & A- DePaul senior guard Brooke Schulte

                                                     Photo Credit: DePaul Athletics

Welcome to the latest edition of CSO's Q & A, where I chat with athletes and media personalities about life on and off the playing surface.

This week's Q & A focuses on DePaul senior guard Brooke Schulte.

GG: You have stepped your productivity up in light of injuries to Jessica January, Ashton Millender and Mart’e Grays this season, what has been the key to your success?

BS: My confidence has boosted and it is because of my teammates. I have been a role player all of my life and now the role is just to score a little bit more and I like to take each role I get seriously.

GG: You have collected four Big East Player of the Week awards this season and each time, the coaching staff requires you to give something back to team in exchange, what are the things you have given to the team?

BS: It is a team reward because I could not get the ball if my teammates do not pass it. They do all the hard work and deserve to be rewarded, so I bake or give something to the team. I bake my ooey gooey butter cookies for them and had a request for monkey bread, so I got the award this week and on the next off day, I will take my time and bake it for eight hours.

GG: From last season to this season, you have become a two-way threat for DePaul. What is the success behind the improvement?

BS: By getting stops on defense and has also attributed to getting high energy on offense, which correlates to playing well overall. Playing good defense has helped me become more positive and the energy has reflected on the other end as well.

GG: In four-plus seasons at DePaul, who have been your biggest influences on or off the hardwood?

BS: It has been my dad. He has always been there for me and has come to every DePaul home game, making the five-hour trip from Germantown, IL. Every teammate who I have had as an upperclassman before me has been an influence because of the versatility and the ability to learn from them about different aspects of the game.

GG: Your freshman season was cut short because of a torn ACL, what did you learn from processing the game on the sidelines as opposed to being on the court with your teammates?

BS: I got a lot stronger mentally because you become so used to learning everything through physical activity on the floor and to have all of that taken away from me helped me take a step back. Once I have gone through a hard practice, it is not as bad as it could be because it might be taken away from me at anytime. As coach (Bruno) tells us, go out there and make everyday a masterpiece and give 110 percent. I have learned to never take anything for granted.

GG: What was the initial transition like going from high school at Breese Mater Dei to college at DePaul?

BS: Going from a small town to a big city was crazy because I was used to tractors and cornfields and now I had stoplights and skyscrapers around. I love every part about Chicago, the teammates I have and choosing to come DePaul. You have every girl who is here to become better college basketball players.

GG: Of all the pregame meals you have had at DePaul, which one is your favorite?

BS: We always get salad, fruit and white pasta from Pompei and Buona and are hands down my favorites.

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