Friday, August 25, 2017

Pick Six- Week Zero edition

Hello again and welcome to the second season of Pick Six. Sean Baligian, Ryan Larimore and DaVaughn Lucas will pick five of the premiere games each week, along with a wild card game.

Baligian won the inaugural season of Pick Six by a landslide, but a new campaign is here with a clean slate.

Week Zero picks:                                                Baligian            Larimore            Lucas

Oregon State at Colorado State                   Colorado State   Colorado State  Oregon State

Portland State at BYU                                        BYU                     BYU               BYU

Hawaii at UMass                                             Hawaii                 UMass           Hawaii

South Florida at San Jose State                  South Florida       South Florida    South Florida

Stanford vs Rice                                             Stanford                 Stanford          Stanford

Wild Card Pick:

Chattanooga vs Jacksonville State (FCS)    Jacksonville St.  Jacksonville St. Jacksonville St.