Friday, November 16, 2018

Pick Six- Week 12 CFB Slate

Photo Credit: Ed Zurga- Getty Images

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Hard to believe we are down to the final three weeks of Pick Six. Lucas closed the gap to two games with a 6-0 record last week, while Baligian went 5-1 and Larimore going 4-2.

Standings:                     GB

Baligian       40-26          -

Lucas           38-28          2

Larimore     34-32          6

This week's picks:

                                                  Baligian       Lucas         Larimore

TCU at Baylor                           Baylor          TCU           Baylor

Missouri at Tennessee              Missouri     Tennessee     Missouri

Virginia at Georgia Tech          Ga. Tech      Ga. Tech      Virginia

Wisconsin at Purdue                  Purdue       Wisconsin    Wisconsin

UAB at Texas A&M               Texas A&M   Texas A&M      UAB

Wild card pick:

Air Force at Wyoming             Wyoming       Wyoming       Air Force