Friday, November 2, 2018

Schaible: LSU looks to figure out the jigsaw puzzle known as Alabama

Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman- Getty Images

By: Brian Schaible
Twitter: @SBNationReports

“We’re going to go to win the game, I can tell you that. We’re going to figure out a game plan that fits this week, a game plan that fits the team. We haven’t figured that out yet.”

Those are the words of LSU coach Ed Orgeron. And that most definitely is not a typo. While Coach O does not explicitly guarantee a win against Alabama, his words emanate a level of uncharted confidence during his tenure.

Will any of that matter come Saturday night? Probably not.

LSU comes into the game ranked third in the initial playoff rankings. Never has a team ranked so highly been such a significant underdog at home.

“It shouldn’t mean much to us except that we have a good team,” Orgeron said. “We have to block out the noise. There was stuff written about us that didn’t happen and now there’s good stuff being written. We have to block it out!”

Quarterback Joe Burrow has been efficient in managing the Tigers offense. However, he has now gone three games without a passing touchdown. Despite any recent inconsistencies, Burrow exudes charisma and seems assured that the moment will not be too much for him to handle.

“I’m not scared of this game. No one on this team is scared of this game,” Burrow said. “If you’re timid then don’t come out of that locker room.”

After celebrating his 67th birthday on Halloween, Alabama coach Nick Saban shared some insights on how he constantly holds himself to highest possible standards.

“I don’t think you can improve if you don’t self-evaluate,” said Saban. “What is my effort? Am I putting in what I need to put in to be able to improve? And how do I stay focused with my mental energy and intensity? Whether it’s a meeting or watching film, whatever it is, do I know how to do my job, how to do it, and why it’s important to do it that way. So, if you can self-evaluate, you can really stay in the moment a little bit better.”

In typical deadpan Saban style, the coach went on to explain what his team would do if they were to win the coin toss on Saturday night.

“To be honest with you, I hope we elect to kick ass, (that) is what I hope we do.”