Friday, September 13, 2019

Pick Six- Week 3 CFB slate

Photo Credit: Matthew Holst- Getty Images

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Welcome to Week 3 of CSO's Pick Six.
Larimore reigned supreme last week with a 4-2 mark, while Baligian went 3-3. Lucas' luck has gotten worse with a 1-5 record last week.

Standings:             GB

Larimore 10-2         -
Bailgian 9-3            1
Lucas 3-9                7

This week's picks:
                                                                  Larimore           Baligian          Lucas

Kansas State at Mississippi State           Miss. State         Miss. State     Miss. State

Stanford at UCF                                          UCF                 UCF            Stanford

USC at BYU                                                 USC                 USC               USC

Arizona State at Michigan State             Mich. State       Mich. State    Mich. State

Iowa at Iowa State                                       Iowa                 Iowa             Iowa

Wild card pick:

Akron at Central Michigan                         Akron                CMU          Akron