Wednesday, October 16, 2019

CSO Q and A with Penn State forward Lamar Stevens

Photo Credit: Harrison Barden- USA Today Sports

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Welcome to another edition of CSO’s Q and A as I sit down with college coaches and players across college sports for in-depth questions sprinkled in with a little bit of fun. The latest edition focuses on Penn State senior forward and All-Big Ten preseason selection Lamar Stevens.

Green: You returned to Penn State for your senior season after withdrawing from NBA Draft consideration over the summer. What was the feedback you got from scouts and have you been able to make improvements on said skills?

Stevens: The main feedback I got was that I could score the ball and show more versatility as a three-point shooter. I have worked on the perimeter shooting in the off-season and look forward to showcasing it this season.

Green: Does it feel like you have more weight on your shoulders to carry Penn State after some players departed the program last season?

Stevens: I don’t see it as a pressure. I look at it as a responsibility in which I can take pride in what I am doing. It is what I want and wouldn’t want it any other way. I am embracing and focusing on the team and not what others are saying on the outside.

Green: This is your last shot to make the NCAA tournament, but have tasted postseason success a couple of seasons prior with a NIT title. What will it take to get to that next step to get from the NIT to the NCAA’s?

Stevens: We have all of the pieces this season. This is my fourth year of playing college basketball and I know what a winning team looks like and what a bad team looks like and this year, we have the pieces necessary to make that jump to get to the tournament. We are continuing on the path of getting better each day, focusing on lifting each other up and keeping each other’s morale up.

Green: Under coach Pat Chambers, how has your growth been not just as an athlete, but as a human being overall?

Stevens: Coach [Chambers] is always looking for ways for me to get better and has become a great mentor for me. He always sends me podcasts, books and tweets. It’s not always about basketball, but about being a better man. I’ve grown a lot in my time at Penn State.

Green: Do you have a favorite podcast from the ones Chambers has sent you?

Stevens: The David Goggins Interviews on Apple stands out as the is the most enjoyable podcast I have listened to as it provides life lessons.

Green: Do you have favorite campus food spot that is a go-to when you are hungry?

Stevens: There’s a place called Roots, which is an all-natural kitchen with foods such as, grilled chicken and vegetables which are reliable and tasty.

Green: Most athletes work out to music and is there a favorite song on your playlist that helps give you an extra boost?

Stevens: Anything with Meek Mill works for me.

Green: When you get down time from school and basketball, is there a favorite television show you like to watch?

Stevens: I watch a show called “Power” on Starz and my favorite character on there is Ghost.