Friday, November 1, 2019

Pick Six- Week 10 CFB slate

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Hard to believe that we are in the month of November as CSO's Pick Six starts to hit the home stretch. Lucas showed out last week with a 5-1 mark, while Baligian and Larimore finished 3-3.

Standings:              GB

Baligian 37-17              -

Larimore 34-20            3

Lucas 24-30               13

This week's picks:
                                                          Baligian       Larimore      Lucas

Nebraska at Purdue                          Nebraska         Nebraska       Nebraska

Boston College at Syracuse              Syracuse          Syracuse       Syracuse

Miami (FL) at Florida State            Miami (FL)     Miami (FL)   Miami (FL)

Georgia vs Florida                           Georgia            Florida         Georgia

SMU at Memphis                             Memphis          Memphis         SMU

Wild card game:

Buffalo at Eastern Michigan         E. Michigan    E. Michigan   E. Michigan