Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Rosenberg's Power Five Bottom Ten for Week 12

By: Jeremy Rosenberg

Join me each week as I unmask the worst of the best, the teams that play in big time conferences, but end up with small time accomplishments. My bottom ten is made up only of so-called power five conference members. I have little interest in haranguing the UTEPs or Bowling Greens or Rices of the world. Nope, I’m after schools with massive football budgets, coaches with obnoxious salaries, and legions of sheep-like fanboys and fangirls that refuse to admit their program sucks.

10. Syracuse (4-6)

            The Orange showed signs of life beating Duke on the road 49-6. They stay in the Bottom Ten due to their early season loss to N.C. State, who was the last team left out. Head-to-head play matters, folks.

Next week: @ Louisville (The Cardinals’ rebuilding season is going to plan. They’d hate to muck it up by losing to Syracuse.)

Prognosis: Tough to win back-to-back on the road. Advantage: Louisville.

9. Nebraska (4-6)

            The ‘Huskers are here thanks not just to overall crappy play, but also a head-to-head loss to Colorado, another team knocking on the Bottom Ten door. To reach bowl eligibility, Nebraska needs to beat Maryland and Iowa in the next two weeks.

Next week: @ Maryland (The ‘Huskers are a disappointment but the Terps are in freefall.)

Prognosis: Nebraska rewarded Scott Frost with an extension this week. He needs to thank them by winning this game.

8. Arizona (4-6)

            The Wildcats got predictably beat by Oregon by a score of 34-6. They may be here a little too late to make the Bottom Ten Final Four, but you have to admire the effort.

Next week: vs Utah (The Utes will try not to overlook Arizona.)

Prognosis: No slip for Utah as the Wildcats get beat down by a playoff contender for the second straight week.

7. Kansas (3-7)

            The Jayhawks have slipped comfortably into their losing ways dropping a second straight game, this time to Oklahoma State. Merely staying out of the Bottom Ten Final Four is quite an accomplishment for Les Miles.

Next week: @ Iowa State (Mid-level Big XII teams have been feasting on Kansas.)

Prognosis: An F-5 Cyclone takes down the Jayhawks.

6. Maryland (3-7)

            The Terps enjoyed a week off and Maryland fans everywhere have transitioned to basketball season.

Next week: vs. Nebraska (Bottom Ten showdown time!)

Prognosis: Maryland shows who the REAL Bottom Ten program is.

5. Georgia Tech (2-8)

            The Yellowjackets ended their flirtation with respectability, getting mauled by Virginia Tech by a score of 45-0. The high-quality mediocrity on display this season still keeps the stingless Bumblebees out of the Bottom Ten Final Four.

Next week: vs. NC State (Last call for Georgia Tech to pull out a third win.)

Prognosis: NC State is bad. GT is epically awful. Advantage: Wolfpack.

4. Northwestern (2-8)

            The Wildcats won what must have been a barnburner for the ages, a 45-6 victory over UMass. Northwestern remains in the Bottom Ten Final Four because, well, I’m just not that impressed when you win a game you should.

Next week: vs. Minnesota (The Gophers look to bounce back from their first loss with a demotivational trap game against the Wildcats.)

Prognosis: Row the boat. Seriously. Cats hate water.

3. Vanderbilt (2-8)

            The Commodores win over Mizzou looks less impressive over time. Last week, they rolled over against mighty Kentucky, losing by a score of 38-14.

Next week: vs. East Tennessee State(Remember Mister Jennings, the ETSU point guard? What a great name.)

Prognosis: Early leader in the clubhouse for the Schedule Shaming ‘Game’ of the Week.

2. Arkansas (2-8)

            No matter how bad your football program is, at least you aren’t Arkansas. There isn’t enough moonshine in the Ozarks to drown the Hogs’ sorrows.

Next week: @ LSU (This really isn’t even fair.)

Prognosis: LSU’s version of Rudy gets a sack.

1.  Rutgers (2-8)

            And then there is Rutgers, where hope goes to die. Ohio State played their third stringers and still won 56-21. 

Next week: vs. Michigan State (The Spartans have dropped their spears and given up. Lose to Rutgers and the Bottom Ten beckons.)

Prognosis: Rutgers might be the only B1G team the Spartans can beat at this point.

Schedule Shaming ‘Game’ of The Week

            One of the most egregious offenses in college football is non-conference scheduling. Each week I will single out and ruthlessly shame one program for their gutless scheduling.

            We have officially reached silly season as far as scheduling is concerned. This week I’m going to point out no less than FOUR games in need of deep shaming.

1. Florida State 49, Alabama State 12
2. Northwestern 45, Massachusetts 6
3. BYU 42, Idaho State 10

and my favorite:

4. New Mexico State 41, Incarnate Word 28

            Anyone else think a Florida State vs. BYU game would have at least been entertaining? Northwestern wins, but gets no love (or respect) for pummeling UMass. And last…Incarnate Word?!? NMSU is so awful they gave up 28 points! SHAME to all these programs! SHAME!!!!!