Thursday, December 5, 2019

CSO Q and A: DePaul guard Charlie Moore

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Becker- USA Today Sports

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Welcome to another edition of CSO’s Q and A as I sit down with college coaches and players across college sports for in-depth questions sprinkled with a little bit of fun. The latest edition focuses on DePaul guard Charlie Moore.

Green: How does it feel to be back home in Chicago playing in the Big East conference compared to Kansas in the Big 12 and California in the Pac-12?

Moore: It feels great to be back home around family, friends and others. The atmosphere is great here and am excited to keep things up this season.

Green: What was your reaction when you unexpectedly got the waiver approved by the NCAA back in October to become immediately eligible?

Moore: I was very excited about the news and to be able to play right away in front of my family and friends. More importantly, to play for this university is an even better feeling.

Green: How does it feel to have modest expectations and to be one of the guys everyone looks up to?

Moore: It feels good. Pressure brings excitement and we have to go in and perform the right way to help us continue to come out with victories. We like the pressure because it makes us all work harder as a unit. 

Green: In being a part of the overseas tip over the summer, how did that help in terms of building team chemistry?

Moore: It was great. We practiced earlier in the summer for two to three weeks and you eventually get tired of practicing with the same players. We got a chance to go overseas and play against so many teams and people. We knew when to do the right things on the court and be aware of the spots where others were at. It helped build team chemistry as a result. 

Green: While overseas, were there any food items that stood out to you?

Moore: They had some pretty good grilled chicken and pizza, which stood out to me.

Green: Chicago is a great city for food options. Is there a go-to option for you when you are hungry?

Moore: Portillo’s, Harold Chicken, Maxwell Street Polish. It is hard to really pick one out of them because there are some many great food options in the city. I know when I get the feeling of eating, those places come to mind, although it can be tempting to try other places at times.

Green: A lot of athletes love to listen to music while they are working out, what is your favorite go-to artist on your playlist?

Moore: Lil’ Durk and Rod Wave are good go-to’s for inspiration in the gym.