Friday, December 6, 2019

Pick Six- Dirty Dozen edition

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Hard to believe another year is almost in the books of Pick Six. The annual dirty dozen edition is here as Baligian and Larimore are the only ones eligible to win it all still.

Standings:         GB

Baligian   56-28      -

Larimore  49-35     7

Lucas       41-43    15

Championship picks:

Utah vs Oregon (Pac-12 Ttile Game)
Baligian: Utah Larimore: Utah Lucas: Oregon

Baylor vs Oklahoma (Big 12 Title Game)
Baligian: Oklahoma Larimore: Oklahoma Lucas: Oklahoma

Louisiana at Appalachian St. (Sun Belt Title Game)
Baligian: App. State Larimore: App. State Lucas: App. State

Miami (OH) VS Central Michigan (MAC Title Game)
Baligian: CMU Larimore: CMU Lucas: CMU

Northern Iowa vs South Dakota State (FCS Playoffs)
Baligian: Northern Iowa Larimore: S. Dakota St. Lucas: Northern Iowa

UAB at Florida Atlantic (C-USA Title Game)
Baligian: Florida Atlantic Larimore: UAB Lucas: UAB

Cincinnati at Memphis (American Title Game)
Baligian: Memphis Larimore: Memphis Lucas: Memphis

Alcorn vs Southern (SWAC Title Game)
Baligian: Alcorn Larimore: Southern Lucas: Alcorn

Georgia vs LSU (SEC Title Game)
Baligian: LSU Larimore: LSU Lucas: LSU

Hawaii at Boise State (MWC Title Game)
Baligian: Boise State Larimore: Boise State Lucas: Boise State

Virginia vs Clemson (ACC Title Game)
Baligian: Clemson Larimore: Clemson Lucas: Clemson

Ohio State vs Wisconsin (Big Ten Title Game)
Baligian: Ohio State Larimore: Ohio State Lucas: Ohio State