Wednesday, March 4, 2020

CSO Q and A: Loyola center Cameron Krutwig

Photo Credit: Geno Green

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

Welcome to another edition of CSO’s Q & A as I sit down with college coaches and players across college sports for in-depth questions sprinkled with a little bit of fun. The latest edition focuses on Loyola center Cameron Krutwig.

Green: As a freshman, you had players like Clayton Custer, Ben Richardson and Marques Townes to lean on. What were you able to take away from them to where you are at now as the focal point of the team with Arch Madness on the horizon?

Krutwig: It is just a confidence end of the experience that you rely on. You work all year for these three games at Arch Madness and it is kind of like a new season honestly. Everyone has a blank slate and it doesn’t matter where you are at in the standings, you are still going to get a chance to go and win three games in three days. It’s big on preparation in confidence and experience. You have to be all in. 

Green: Your development in the paint has grown since your freshman year, to now as you are starting to develop a mid-range game. What coach(es) do you give credit to for your growth?

Krutwig: I work with all the coaches for a very good amount. I would say that assistant coach Matt Gordon, who we call “Flash”, he is kind of the bigs coach, although we don’t have a true big man coach, but we definitely work a lot. It would be like pre-practice, but over the years I have worked with a lot of the coaches. Bryan Mullins was big the last two years and now I am working with Drew [Valentine] and Jermaine [Kimbrough] now. There isn’t one in particular who showed me how to do a particular thing, but it was more about a collection of all of them. Coach [Porter] Moser splits his time with small and big men, but when he comes to me, he is always teaching me all of the little stuff. I have been trying to work on my mid-range game a little bit more and I made one the other night. Teams are starting to play off of me more and when I start to make it more, it will be a lot easier to run some offense. When guys lay off me, it kind of takes away from the passing with the back cuts because guys are sitting in the lane. 

Green: You mentioned about current Southern Illinois head coach Bryan Mullins. What was it like for you to have been around him for two years at Loyola, but to now be on the opposite end of the floor?

Krutwig: I don’t really look at it that way. When we are on the floor, I want to beat his team and he wants to beat my team, but off the floor, we are going to be connected for life for what we did when I was a freshman and a sophomore. It’s not like we don’t talk to each other anymore, but we both have a great amount of respect for each other. He’s one of the best coaches I have ever been around. He’s deserved everything he has gotten and you can see it this year as they were projected to finish low in the Missouri Valley Conference, but turned things around this year and are mostly not his recruits. When he gets some more recruiting under his belt, they can be good. He has earned everything he’s gotten and nothing was really given to him. 

Green: Do you keep in contact with any of the coaches and players from Jacobs High School?

Krutwig: My high school coach, James Roberts and I are like best friends. I text him all of the time keeping up with team to see how they are doing. I will see the team once or twice a month and get breakfast. In the summer time, we get all of the guys back together from high school and play volleyball or something else. We are all over the country right now in terms of where guys are going to school at, but we still stay in touch and try to spend as much time as possible when we are at home. 

Green: Most athletes have go-to spots when it comes to campus food. Do you have a favorite one in particular? 

Krutwig: I like Chipotle a lot. It is basic, but you can’t beat the quality at all. You can go either way with a burrito or a bowl and not be disappointed. I also like Bleecker St. at the student center. They make really good sandwiches and sometimes, I will get that instead of going out.

Green: Most athletes like to listen to music during a workout. Do you have a favorite song or playlist that gets you going?

Krutwig: Not a big EDM fan, but I go to that sometimes, but I primarily go for anything Drake, Future and Migos. It gets me going and in the mood to workout.

Green: What’s your favorite thing do to when you unwind from the grind of basketball and class?

Krutwig: I play a lot of video games, mostly on the sports side. I am more on the Madden and NBA 2K side of things as some of my high school buddies have the same games. It is fun to play with them online and is a good way to catch up with them. It takes my mind off basketball and school temporarily.

Green: Do you have a favorite team in any of those games?

Krutwig: I am a big Chicago Bears fan, so I play with them in Madden. In NBA 2K, I play with any team and we have had tournaments in the past with my Loyola teammates. We also play FIFA sometimes and in my freshman year in the hotel during Final Four weekend, we would play it anytime we got free time, which was pretty cool.