Friday, October 23, 2020

Pick Six- Big Ten edition for Week 8

By: Geno Green
Twitter: @TheGenoGreen

With all of the uncertainty in the real world, it feels great to have Big Ten football back and this week's Pick Six will reflect it.

Last week, Green led the way with a 5-1 mark to take first place for the first time ever, while Larimore went 4-2. Baligian brought up the rear at 3-3.

Standings:                 GB

Green        30-12        -

Baligian    28-14        2

Larimore   26-16        4

This week's picks:
                                                Green           Baligian       Larimore

Illinois at Wisconsin (Friday)               Illinois          Wisconsin        Wisconsin

Rutgers at Michigan State                   Mich. St.          Mich. St.         Mich. St.

Penn State at Indiana                          Penn St.           Penn St.          Penn St.

Iowa at Purdue                                     Purdue             Iowa                Iowa

Maryland at Northwestern               Northwestern   Northwestern   Maryland

Michigan at Minnesota                      Minnesota         Michigan       Michigan